Welcome to the sexiest five-star hotel in Porto!

Let yourself be carried away by art.

Located in the center of Porto , our Torel Avantgarde is an award-winning 5-star luxury boutique hotel that transports you to an artistic, cultural and truly avant -garde scene.

Inspired by the “Avantgarde” years , the hotel's design is reminiscent of the elegance that characterized the period between 1930 and 1940. In it, we celebrate and praise Portugal , through Portuguese art, design and craftsmanship .

We offer a total of 39 rooms and 21 suites , divided into 12 different categories , some of them with balcony, bathtub in the room or suite and overlooking the stunning Douro River .


What our guests say about us...

Torel Avantgarde is a five star boutique hotel in Porto. The concept of Avantgarde is based on the building, which dates back to the New-State period, ie the 1940s. Like avant-garde artists, we set out to create something completely new, with the goal of establishing a place where art is not only a complement, but the focus of attention in every way.

The result is the Torel Avantgarde, where you can get carried away by the art and experience all its aspects. It is a space to live art, touch art, and feel the heart and passion of the artist.