Aurelia de Sousa


{June 13, 1866 (Valparaíso, Chile) – May 26, 1922 (Porto, Portugal)}

In our Torel Avantgarde, a boutique hotel in the center of Porto, we pay tribute to Aurélia de Sousa in one of our suites, with a double bed, through the black color chosen for the bedroom walls – symbolism of the shadows that characterized her works – and the pink headboard, which represents the femininity that she hid within herself.

35 m2
Double bed
Occupancy: up to three people
Offer of Nespresso coffee and water throughout the stay


Meet the artist Aurélia de Sousa...

Maria Aurélia Martins de Sousa was a Portuguese painter.

Her work is influenced by the most innovative painting styles of her time. She painted in a very personal naturalistic style, sometimes with realist, impressionist, and post-impressionist influences, representing his very own look.

In addition, she was also known for painting shadows in dark tones to find the light.

Some of her main works:

Santo António;
Retrato de menina.

Artistic currents: Naturalism, with Realist, Impressionist and Post-Impressionist influences.                                       

 “I paint the dark so I can see the light.” - Aurélia de Sousa

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