Galileo Galilei


{Pisa, 15 February 1564 — Florence, 8 January 1642}


Discover our Suite Royal Galileo Galilei...


In our award-winning Torel Avantgarde, we honour Galileo Galilei with one of the best categories of our five-star boutique hotel.

The Suite Royal Galileo Galilei has a breathtaking view of the Douro River, which can be enjoyed while taking a relaxing bath in our in-room bathtub. The surprising setting is completed by the fireplace in the suite.


The paintings and impressive details on the ceiling refer to the typical decoration of the artist's time, as well as the furniture and the use of leather fabric. The Suite's brown and earth tones refer to the wood and rustic decor of the time.

His theories are represented through the planets and compasses present in the Suite.

Suite Royal Galileo Galilei:

* An extraordinary room category in the most artistic hotel in Porto.

  • Double or twin bed;
  • Bathtub overlooking the Douro River;
  • Balcony overlooking the Douro River;
  • Fireplace in the suite;
  • Occupancy: up to three people;
  • Offer of Nespresso coffee and water throughout the stay.


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Meet the artist Galileo Galilei...


Galileo Galilei was an Italian mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and philosopher.

He was the scientific fundamentalist of the Heliocentric theory of Nicolaus Copernicus, which proved that the Sun was the centre of our Solar System and not the Earth, going against the church. He was forbidden to teach and propagate his ideas.



  • Heliocentrism;
  • Law of falling bodies;
  • Jupiter's moons;
  • Craters of the Moon;
  • Rings of Saturn;
  • Sunspots.



  • Thermometer;
  • Grandfather clock;
  • Telescope.


Scientific areas: Astrology, Physics and Mathematics.


“Two truths can never contradict each other.” - Galileo Galilei