Suite Jackson Pollock
Suite Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock


{January 28, 1912 (Wyoming, USA) – August 11, 1956 (New York, USA)}


Discover our Suite Jackson Pollock:

Our boutique hotel, Torel Avantgarde, represents this artist from the Abstract Expressionism period in a Suite.

Dark colors in your bedroom are associated with depression and alcoholism.


He lived in a “dark world”, where he escaped through art, which is the opposite of that world – expressive and dynamic.   

In the wall painting, Jorge Curval, the artist of the paintings of our hotels in Porto, represented the figure of Jackson Pollock painting using one of the techniques for which he is best known, the “drip and splatter” technique, an art form that avoids identifiable parts within the screen.

Suite Jackson Pollock:

  • 32 m2;
  • Twin bed;
  • Occupancy: up to three people;
  • Offer of Nespresso coffee and water throughout the stay.


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Meet the artist Jackson Pollock...


Jackson Pollock was an important figure in the Abstract Expressionist Movement.

He revolutionized the world of Modern Art with his abstract painting techniques; and he was particularly known for his unique drip painting style.

In Pollock's case, he was represented in his own wild nature.


Some of his main works:

  • Mural;
  • Male and female;
  • Mask;
  • Moon woman
  • The she-wolf.


Artistic current: Abstract Expressionism, Expressionism, Modern Art, Gestualism


“Painting is a self-discovery. Every good artist paint what he is.” – Jackson Pollock