Orson Welles


{Kenosha, May 6, 1915 — Los Angeles, October 10, 1985}


Discover our Executive Royal Orson Welles...


In our Torel Avantgarde, we designed a room for Orson Welles, with the possibility of a double or twin bed and a bathtub overlooking the imposing Douro River.


The room's tones represent the director's masculinity, while the squares on the headboard are reminiscent of the cinema.

Executive Royal Orson Welles:

*An extraordinary room category in the most artistic hotel in Porto.

  • Double or twin bed;
  • Bathtub overlooking the Douro River;
  • Occupancy: up to two people;
  • Offer of Nespresso coffee and water throughout the stay.


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About the artist...


George Orson Welles, with a career spanning 44 years and more than 50 films and series released, was one of the greatest actors, producers, and screenwriters in the history of cinema.

The film Citizen Kane (1941) is Welles' greatest achievement.

His unparalleled talent meant that when he was just over 20 years old, he received a contract that gave him freedom of creation.


Films in which he participated:

  • Citizen Kane;
  • The mark of evil;
  • Third man;
  • The man who did not sell his soul;
  • The weird;
  • The process;
  • The other side of the wind.


“We born alone, we live alone and we die alone. Only through love and friendship can we create the illusion that, for a moment, we are not alone.” – Orson Welles


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