Sigmund & Lucian Freud


{May 6, 1856, Příbor, Czechia – September 23, 1939, Hampstead, London, UK & December 8, 1922, Berlin, Germany - July 20, 2011, London, UK}

The painting and the thought of the Freuds were the object of the work. The room's beige color represents the office where Sigmund received his patients, while the colored rug represents Lucian.   

In the painting, it is also possible to verify these two sides, on the one hand a depressed woman on the sofa and on the other a man sitting thinking about life - showing the life of Sigmund with the technique of Lucian.

28 m2
Double bed
Occupancy: up to three people
Offer of Nespresso coffee and water throughout the stay



Sigmund Freud is an Austrian neurologist, known for being the founder of psychoanalysis

A clinical method, through which the analyst discovers conflicts in the patient's subconscious, based on his associations, dreams and fantasies.

His theories on infantile sexuality, libido and ego were some of the most influential academic concepts of the 20th century.

Lucian Freud , grandson of Sigmund Freud, was a British painter and draftsman, specializing in figurative art, famous for his portrait paintings of the 20th century.

His early career as a painter was influenced by Surrealism, but by the early 1950s his paintings, often rigid and alienated, tended toward Realism.

His works are known for their psychological penetration and often incompatible examination of the relationship between artist and model.

Some of their main theories and works:

Freud’s personality theory
Talk therapy
A la belle e-toile
Cedric Morris
A Paper Bear Art Journal- Lucian Freud

"The longer we look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real." -Lucian Freud

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