Executive Room Kazimir Malevich
Executive Room Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich


{February 23, 1878 (Kiev, Ukraine) – May 15, 1935 (St. Petersburg, Russia)}

Primary colors and geometric shapes prevail in this hotel room in our Torel Avantgarde. They are a tribute to the colors and shapes that artist Kazimir Malevich used in his works.

The circular lights symbolize the well-known “Malevich circle”, while the bedside table and lamp in blue represent one of the primary colors most used by the artist.


25 m2
Double bed
Occupancy: up to two people
Offer of Nespresso coffee and water throughout the stay



Kazimir Malevich was an abstract and geometric artist, who worked and painted geometric figures such as lines, circles and squares, working in a variety of styles.

He was best known for contributing to the formation of a true Russian avant-garde after the First World War, through his own unique philosophy of perception and painting, which he called “Suprematism”. He coined this term because he believed that art should transcend matt–r - the truth of form and color should rei“n "supr”me" over image or narrative.

Some of his main works:

Black square on white background
White hiteite


"In art, there is a need for truth, not sincerity." – Kazimir Malevich

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