Alberto Giacometti - Executive
Alberto Giacometti - Executive

Alberto Giacometti


{October 10, 1901 (Borgonovo, Bregaglia, Switzerland) - January 11, 1966 (Chura, Switzerland)}


Alberto Giacometti is exalted in our Torel Avantgarde with one of the Executive category hotel rooms.

In the bedroom, dark tones and geometric shapes prevail.

The dark tones of the room represent anxiety, represented several times in various works of his time, while geometric figures have a double connotation .

The presence of geometric figures on the rug and pillow symbolize innovation and are also a symbol of their creations, which resemble toys and games.

In turn, the painting, present at the head of the bed, depicts his figurative work. It is possible to observe, in the foreground, Alberto Giacometti; and, in the background, a human figure, like the popular icon of post-war trauma.

On the large headboard of the double bed, there is a large sheet of paper with a design, its texture are identical to the texture of his sculptures.

22 m2
Double bed
Occupancy: up to two people
Offer of Nespresso coffee and water throughout the stay.




Alberto Giacometti was a Swiss sculptor, painter, draftsman and engraver, famous for his sculptures

As a surrealist in the 1930s, he created truly innovative sculptural forms, which sometimes resembled toys and games. As an existentialist, after the war he led the way in creating a style that epitomized philosophy's interests in perception, alienation, and anxiety. He is remembered for his figurative work, which helped make the suffering human figure motif a popular symbol of post-war trauma.

Some of his main works:

Tall figure;
Spoon woman;
The palace at 4 a.m.

Artistic currents: Expressionism, Contemporary Art, Surrealism, Cubism, Modern Art.

“It is impossible to do a thing the way I see it because the closer I get the more differently I see” – Alberto Giacometti

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