Suite Almada Negreiros
Suite Almada Negreiros

Almada Negreiros


{April 7, 1893 (Trindade, São Tomé and Príncipe) – June 15, 1970 (Lisbon, Portugal)} 

We honor Almada Negreiros in one of our Suites with twin beds. In this hotel room, we refer to Almada Negreiros as a mature person, true to himself and with an unparalleled talent, through dark colors and velvet headboard.

39 m2;
Twin bed;
Occupancy: up to three people;
Offer of Nespresso coffee and water throughout your stay. 



José Sobral de Almada Negreiros was a multidisciplinary artist.

In addition to literature and painting, Almada Negreiros composed ballet choreographies. He worked on tapestries, prints, murals, caricatures, mosaics, tiles, and stained glass, having inspired the Cubist and Futurist Movements.

Almada Negreiros is considered one of the fundamental figures of the Modernist Movement in Portugal, as he represented the three generations of this movement.

Almada Negreiros was a very mature, influential and influenced artist, considered by many as a man who unfolds himself in multiple facets and perspectives, a man who never ends.

Some of his main works:

The bathers;
Double portrait;
The nap;
Sunday in Lisbon.

Artistic trends: Art Deco, Expressionism, Abstractionism, Art Nouveau, Cubism, Modern Art, Modernism.

“(…) when I was born, the phrases that were to save humanity were all already written, there was only one thing left - to save humanity.” – Almada Negreiros

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